Real Estate for rent in Tuscany

Lorenzo Godi Real Estate Agency manages real estate for rent in Florence and Tuscany. These select properties, uniquely sourced for price, convenience and excellence must be considered if you are in the market for a rental in the region. A professional management team, with many years of experience in the rental market in Florence and Tuscany, will help address the variety of problems that come up when renting in these areas. With a professional team renters can be confident that they are paying market rents. In addition, with Lorenzo Godi Real Estate Agency you know that there is only one agent representing the property. An exclusive right on sale, combined with our uniquely qualified and skilled management team, ensures that values of property are protected by being kept closer to real market values.

Lorenzo Godi Real Estate Agency offers a great real estate choice on rent, furnished or not, for long or short periods.

We have appartaments, villas and farms di varie superfici, for all your needs, in downtown of Florence, urban and sub-urban areas and on the beautiful hills that surround the city in localities like Bagno a Ripoli, Impruneta, Fiesole, Settignano, Scandicci, and more...

If you would like to visit our marvelous Chianti Valley properties, please view the offers in the "Farm Holiday" section.

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