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Lorenzo Godi Real Estate Agency has sold and leased real estate in Florence and surrounding areas for 20 years; through a careful and qualified selection, the agency strives to keep the quality-price connection in tact. A choice that ensures that the customers, buyers or sellers, are able to make informed decisions. The real estate sale in Florence must be done with attention, carefully and professionaly, selecting the right properties on the market, and subsequently assigning the correct valuation. Real estate that is over valued does not adhere to market prices and real values may be negatively effected because of the errors. In addition, if more than one agency manages a single property there can be confusion in valuation. Lorenzo Godi Real Estate Agency keeps an exclusive right on sale, to increase oversight of real market values.

The real estate market is fluctuates naturally as a result of economic conditions. However, the cycle is less dramatic, and can possibly be stabilized when a professional management team monitors valuations in accordance with these rapid market changes.

Lorenzo Godi Real Estate offers a great choice for real estate on sale:

  • Studio, 1 bed-room and large appartaments in downtown Florence, urban and sub-urban area, on the wonderful hills that surround Florence in localities like Bagno a Ripoli, Impruneta, Fiesole, Settignano, Scandicci, and more...
  • Villas, mansions, farms on the exclusive hills area of Chianti Fiorentino and Senese.

We are offer unique real estate opportunities in the most attractive places among the Tuscany sea.

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